What to Expect and

some of the Benefits Massage has on your Physical, Mental and Emotional Body

By taking the time to speak with your therapist about your goals and desired outcome, a plan can be designed to accomplish these. In designing your plan, you could experience will have purpose and tangible results.

Expect Results!

Physical Level:

-Deep relaxation and stress reduction

-Relief of tension related headaches and eye strain

-Relief of muscle tension and


-Healthy and better nourished skin

-Greater joint flexibility and range of motion Increased ease and efficiency of movement

-Improved posture

-Faster healing time from pulled

muscles and ligaments

-Increased ease and efficiency of


-Promotes easier and deeper


-Reduced spasms, pain and


-Reduced formation of scar tissue

-Better circulation of both blood and lymph

-Reduces blood pressure

-Strengthen immune system and

disease prevention

Mental Level:

-Relaxed state of alertness

-Reduced mental stress and a

calmer mind

-Greater ability to monitor your

stress signal and respond


-Increased capacity for clearer


Emotional Level:

Satisfying the need for caring and

 nurturing touch

Feeling of well-being

Greater ease of emotional expression

Enhanced self-image

Reduced levels of anxiety

Increased awareness of the mind-body connection

What else is there to expect?

You will be in a safe and clean environment for your session.

You will be given a questioner to fill out. This information is required to a keep client history on each person. Please note, your information will never be shared, sold or loaned out to another service.

You will be asked to be on time, as your therapist will be expected to be on time for your appointment. It is understood that "Life Happens" and may require you to be late or need to cancel your appointment. You are allotted only one late cancellation; after that, you will be expected to make payment for missed appointments.

Arriving late for an appointment? You are entitled for the full time of your scheduled appointment. If time permits, Michael will give you your full time. Michael does not promise that the time will be available to be able to extend beyond the booked time. If he is booked with another client, he will need to be finished on time with you to be able to be on time for the next client.

If your therapist is late for your appointment, you will be given free time (you session time plus time late, example: 10 minutes late, plus 60 minute appointment, therapist will provide a 70 minute session at the cost of 60 minutes). Should your therapist need to cancel your appointment within 6 hours of your appointment time, your next session is without charge.

Your Therapy Begins With Your Call

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