Guidelines to Make Use of Insurance Reimbursement

HMO Insurance

To date, sorry to say, Michael has not had a successful reimbursement to clients under the guise of HMO programs. None have covered massage, manual therapy, or muscular therapy; therefore, no reimbursements are available for these services.

You are able to use the total costs towards your annual taxes as “out of pocket health expenses”.

HSA or HRA or FSA (Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account or Flexible Spending Account)

Full reimbursement is available to you. Prescription may now be required by your program (new changes to reimbursement programs may now require a prescription from your physician to be able to make use of your account. Please be aware of the requirements of your program). You will make full payment to Michael for the service. Michael will then give you a receipt with the medical code for the service and the amount paid. You send in your receipt, and reimbursement, in full, should be in 3-4 weeks. Note: some insurance groups issue a credit/debit card specifically to cover the costs of medical needs. You may or may not need to provide proof of service.

PPO Insurance.

Please understand, Michael does not charge your insurance directly. You would make payment to Michael; he will then give you a super bill/receipt that you will send/fax in for reimbursement. Reimbursement should be the amount paid or amount paid minus your co-pay. Also note you will have to have met you annual deduction before you will receive reimbursement.

Requirements for PPO insurance reimbursement:

1. Prescription from your physician (MD or DO) specifically for neuromuscular therapy or manual therapy

2. Must state your medical diagnosis (cervicalgia, bursitis, lumbago, anxiety, sciatica, pain in a specific area, hypertension, etc.)

3. Length of service (60 or 90 min)

4. Frequency of therapy (1x week, 2x week, 2x month)

5. Duration of therapy (6 months, 9 months, 1 year)

Should your physician request your CARE/SOAP notes from each session, Michael will need a fax number or e-mail address to send them to (this is, of course, with your permission to share the information of your sessions with your physician).

Should you or your physician have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael directly.

Have Questions About Your Insurance Provider and What Is Covered?

Contact Your Human Resource or Benefits Personnel for Answers.

Best to Be Informed, than Be Surprised with a Bill.