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HandsOnOC.....There is no substitute!

                   My back muscles were like a washboard and my herniated discs at C-6 and C-7 had my neck in knots. Other massage therapists were too much about relaxation and not enough about therapy. Michael's knowledge of anatomy combined with his deep tissue techniques smooth out the "crunch" and give me real relief from my chronic problems. Even if your problems aren't chronic, Michael will find the spot and take away your muscle tension. HandsOnOC....There is no substitute! SK

Breaking the Pain Cycle

                 I had disc-related lower-back and neck problems for years. The back problem manifested itself as sciatica with symptoms that included extreme pain, difficulty walking and sleep interruptions. The neck problem caused pain in my shoulder and arm as well as headaches. These problems would come and go with periods sometime lasting many months. The deep-tissue massage techniques used by Michael Roberson is the only therapy I tried that resolved these issues in the short term and prevented recurrences in the long haul. Michael's therapy and suggestions for exercises targeting specific muscles have broken the cycle of pain. Keeping on a regular schedule with Michael keeps these problems in check more effectively than any other physical or pharmaceutical therapy I tried. Thank you. RR

For Serious and Recreational Athletes

                “As an Ironman triathlete, I am constantly fighting body and muscle aches. Michael is a skilled therapist and always finds a way to work out the problem areas so I can compete at the highest level during my triathlon or marathon events. After three years, I would highly recommend him for serious and recreational athletes." 

Roger (now 6x Ironman Finisher)

A Grateful Client

                 "Michael and I became acquainted while volunteering to do massages for our returning military at one of their homecoming events. I watched the expertise and care with which he approached each person he worked with that day. That was someone I wanted to work on me! I have not been disappointed! Michael is as caring and personal as he is an expert and well respected professional in the field. Michael has been available and willing to help with any unique body condition I have presented. If he didn't readily have the answer, he researched and found the necessary approach to any given situation. I would, with the utmost confidence, recommend Michael to anyone seeking physical wellness/balance in their life. A Grateful Client,

D (Massage Therapist)

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